Esther Sunnex

Esther Sunnex found me on a website where I mentioned that I did custom colour analysis. She contacted me, as I was the only person in NZ doing individualised custom colour palettes.

She felt that she could not afford it. Esther has an incredibly busy life, with 5 children still at home and her husband on the sickness benefit. Life was feeling incredibly difficult. She mentioned her desire to have a consultation with me to some online friends. They fundraised the amount and put it into her bank account via paypal.

Esther had some years before been colour analysed as Winter, using the old 4 seasonal colour system. It has also been suggested to her from online colour analysis that she could be Spring. There was some confusion around this hence, her desire to come and have a professional individual bespoke consultation.

She was absolutely delighted with the outcome from our appointment and is now proudly wearing her new colour palette that harmonises perfectly with her colouring.

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