Wardrobe Audit

How much does your wardrobe cost you?

How much of it is wasted?

What can a wardrobe audit save you?

Travelling abroad?

Going travelling or away on business trips often?

I can also help provide you with the functional and stylish travel wardrobe.

A wardrobe audit is a consultation that will help you to discover what works with your colours, body shape, personality and lifestyle. This process breathes a fresh and uncluttered opportunity for you to create new exciting looks with your existing wardrobe.

Beverley helps you to determine what items are required to make your wardrobe work for you. You will able to apply the principles you learn to whatever look you are wearing.

Consultation includes:

  • Understanding your body shape, proportions and lines which work for you
  • Learn how to layer your clothes.
  • Use accessories and jewellery to create an effortless modern look
  • Transform your clothes from casual to evening wear
  • Maintain a modern and stylish look
  • A take home booklet and support material