Personal Shopping

Have you ever gone shopping, or succumbed to a *sale* sign, only to come home with the wrong items that sit unused in your wardrobe, for months, even years.

You are not alone! Women the world over make costly fashion mistakes, prohibited by not really enjoying the shopping experience or not being confident in the style or colours that suit them.

I can help you achieve a confident authentic look that will create harmony and fit a true individual style.

This service is ideal to follow the Wardrobe Audit Consultation

This service includes:

  • Learning to shop in the correct places that will suit your budget, shape, life and personal style.
  • Avoiding costly mistakes and sale seduction.
  • Build on your existing wardrobe, cleverly purchasing items that enhances your existing wardrobe.
  • Recreate our wardrobe. Declutter and enhance existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Go shopping in your own wardrobe...

To create new outfits you never new existed.