About Beverley


Beverley Eve Cole

From the 'Miss Great Britain' catwalk, through hairdressing, and direct marketing to the skincare & cosmetic industry, Beverley has a lifelong passion in personal appearance and image consulting. As an image consultant and trainer her objective is to empower her clients to become authentic, stylish and confident.

Since 1985, over 500 consultants have graduated under her inspired tuition, many of whom have gone on to create rewarding businesses. Beverley has helped to empower and encouraged others and helped shape NZ's image consultation and styling industry.

Recently, Beverley has introduced an innovative concept Fashion Feng Shui originally from USA, into NZ. She is a qualified Master Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. This has added a new depth and philosophy to her 25 years of Personal Image Training.

Beverley's commitment is ongoing. She regularly attends conferences, seminars and workshops both locally and internationally to ensure that she continues to be at the forefront and leading edge of her profession.

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