Fashion Feng Shui

The Power of Dressing with Intention

Fashion Feng Shui - the power of dressing with intention was originally created by Evana Maggiore in 1999. The process is based on the laws of attraction.

Fashion Feng Shui ® is an innovative, transformational dressing technique, inspired by the ancient Chinese Art of Placement.

  • Water - Black and Dark Tones
  • Wood - Green and Blue
  • Fire - Red and Purple
  • Earth - Yellow, Brown and Earth Tones
  • Metal - Pale tones and metallic

Based on the premise that you live a happier, healthier, more prosperous existence when your living and working environments are harmonious and balanced, Feng Shui encourages you to visually affirm your intentions in your personal and professional surroundings in order to create them in your life.

  • Dress to attract the life of your dreams
  • Transform Your Look and Your Life

Discover clothes that:

  • iFulfil you
  • Flatter your body’s colouring and shape
  • Functions for your lifestyle
  • Fortify you to attract your desires
Feng Shui translates as 'wind water' and has practices have been used for centuries. The belief is that everything contains 'ch'i" and that there is an interplay between the seen (our surrounding) and the unseen (energy and intention). Fashion Feng Shui applies these principles to the 'seen' energy of personal appearance and 'unseen' energy of your personality and goals.